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Winning Lotto – 10 Proven Tips for Winning the Lottery

Looking for ways to increase your chances of winning lotto? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with 10 proven strategies for increasing your chances of winning. Before we get into the strategies, let’s start by understanding the odds of winning the lottery.


Understanding the Odds of Winning the Lottery

When it comes to winning the lottery, the odds are not in your favour; the odds of winning depend on the game you are playing.

For example, the odds of winning the Powerball Australia Jackpot are 1 in 134,490,400. To win division one, you need to select all seven winning numbers plus the Powerball number.  This means that your chances of winning are extremely slim.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up hope. There are strategies you can use to increase your chances. In this article, we will share 10 proven strategies for winning the lottery.


10 Proven Strategies for Winning the Lottery

Some Lottery winners just get lucky. Others use strategies to increase their chances of winning – They play “Smart Lotto.” Here are 10 proven strategies for winning lotto.


Strategy 1: Choose the Right Lottery

The first step to winning the lottery is choosing the right lottery game.

Different lotteries have different odds of winning. What works for one lottery may not work for another. Make sure to research the different lottery games before you decide which one to play.

The second element is the Prize Structure – for example, Powerball Australia gives you 9 different ways to win.

The third element is Value for Money – Powerball Australia jackpots far more quickly than other Australian Lotteries. It actually starts at $4 Million and then builds up very quickly (at the time of writing this, it started at $4 Million, week 2 was $8 Million and this week is $20 Million – no other Australian lottery builds up this quickly).

In short, Powerball Australia is the best Value For Money game to play in Australia – provided you follow the tips below.

Winning Lotto


Strategy 2: Play To Win A Prize of Some Kind, No Matter How Small 

The first step to winning the lottery is choosing the right lottery game.

Different lotteries have different odds of winning. What works for one lottery may not work for another. Make sure to research the different lottery games before you decide which one to play.

The second element is the Prize Structure – for example, Powerball Australia gives you 9 different ways to win.

The third element is Value for Money – Powerball Australia jackpots far more quickly than other Australian Lotteries. It actually starts at $4 Million and then builds up very quickly (at the time of writing this, it started at $4 Million, week 2 was $8 Million and this week is $20 Million – no other Australian lottery builds up this quickly).

In short, Powerball Australia is the best Value For Money game to play in Australia – provided you follow the tips below.


Once you’ve chosen the right lottery game, you obviously want to play for First Prize. However, our second strategy is to optimize our entry to improve the chances of winning a prize of some kind.

Interestingly, we have created a Powerball Australia entry that ALWAYS wins something, even if it is only a Division 9 Prize.  By winning something every week we reduce the cost of playing – Playing Powerball Australia at a Discount! This is possible for ANY Lottery – Choose the Prize Structure and optimize your entry to GUARANTEE at least a small prize.

For Powerball Australia this requires just 120 games and for the Australian 6-from-45 Lottery 160 games – BUT look at the massive differences in a Division One payout!

If you would like to know more about our Australian Powerball Syndicates, please email


Strategy 3: Study Your Lottery

 Most people just trust 100% to Luck for their Lottery Strategy (or lack of it).  Once you understand HOW your lottery works you can create “SMART PLAYS.”  There are several of these, for example:

Odds & Evens*

Consecutive Numbers*

Repeats From Previous Draws

Highs & Lows

*See Tip 10

Trying to PICK the winning lotto numbers is largely a waste of time, whereas trying to pick the TYPE of result (eg 3-Odd Numbers + 3-Even Numbers for Saturday Lotto, 3 or 4-Odd + 3 or 4 Even for Powerball) can help reduce the Odds.

The Big Secret is to ORGANISE ALL of the Numbers – for a 6-from-49 Lottery this can be as simple as playing 7 x System 7’s that include ALL of the numbers.


Strategy 4: Take Advantage of Lottery Syndicates

A lottery syndicate is a group of people who pool their resources to buy lottery tickets. This increases their chances of winning the lottery because they are buying more tickets plus splitting the cost amongst Members. Plus, if one of the members wins the lottery, the prize is split among all the members.

Our Powerball Australia Syndicate has just 10 Members, so Payouts are very worthwhile while cost is reasonable.  This is the main advantage of Lottery Syndicates – you can afford an ORGANIZED entry at a very reasonable prize.

Again, look at the various games where you live and look at the Prize Structures and How Quickly First Prize Jackpots.  This is a major factor in our decision to concentrate on Powerball Australia.  It starts at $4 Million but usually jumps to $8 Million if not won and by week 3 is usually $20 Million – at this point, with 10 Members each Member gets $2 Million!  The highest jackpot in Australian Powerball is $160 Million!


Winning the LotteryStrategy 5: Analyze Past Winning Numbers

The more you know, the better you go!  STUDY your Lottery. To increase your chances of winning, ANALYSE past winning numbers. Look at the numbers that have been drawn in the past and see if there are any patterns or trends. HINT – there are! (see Tip 10). This will help you choose the right numbers when you play.  Of course, if you do join our Syndicate we will do this for you.


Strategy 6: Avoid Quick Picks

Quick picks are random numbers that are chosen by a computer. These numbers are often too random to have any real strategy behind them. If you want to increase your chances of winning, avoid quick picks and choose your own numbers – preferably with the knowledge gained from studying your lottery.


Strategy 7: Stick With Your Numbers

If you’ve chosen your numbers wisely, then stick with them. Don’t change them every week.


Strategy 8: Use a Lottery System

 There are lottery systems available that can help you increase your chances of winning. These systems are based on mathematical formulas and algorithms. They can help you choose the right numbers and increase your odds of winning.

In Australia for example, if you play 10 x System 9’s – or 9 x System 10’s – You can cover ALL 45 numbers twice for Saturday Lotto.  This guarantees that you have all of the winning numbers twice! After that, it is in the laps of the gods.

BUT note that 10 x System 9’s requires 840 games, while 9 x System 10’s requires 1890 games – more than double!  For this reason, we prefer 10 x System 9’s.

12 x System 8’s achieves the same end result in 336 games, so for those Syndicates on low budget this may be preferable.

HOWEVER, the above comments highlight WHY you should STUDY your lottery; the more knowledge you have, the more you can strategically organise your entry.


Strategy 9: Understand Conditional Lottery Systems for Pairs and Trios

Strategy 8 above assumes a SYNDICATE entry – Do NOT play these entries alone.

If you want to play on your own, an understanding of “Conditional Systems” is a good idea.  So, what are Conditional Systems?

One example is playing the lottery with Lotto Systems based on pairs or trios.  A good example is based on 9 numbers arranged into 3 trios. To get 6 numbers from any 9 numbers uses any 2 of 3 Trios. For example, if your 3 trios are:

1, 18, 35               12, 27, 40            7, 28, 36

Then 1+2 = 1, 18, 35, 12, 27, 40

And   1+3 = 1, 18, 35, 7, 28, 36

And   2+3 = 12, 27, 40, 7, 28, 36

This does require you to organise the numbers you want to play into Trios (or Trebles), but it is a very cost effective way to play 9 numbers (as opposed to a Full System 9 which requires 84 games in total).

Another big advantage of the above for Australian Saturday Lotto (which pays out on 3 numbers) is that just one trio correct pays out, as does 2 winning numbers in any trio + one winning number in another trio.  Trios -and Pairs – are covered in detail in my books.

For pairs, any 3 pairs (6 numbers) from any 4 pairs (8 numbers) requires just 4 games rather than the 28 games in a Full System 8. You can expand this to 3 pairs from 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 numbers etc.

Winning Oz Lotto TipsOther popular options for Conditional Systems are:

5-or-more-guaranteed-together-from-any-6-winning-numbers and

4-guaranteed-together-from-any-4-winning-numbers – and the most effective of all,


We can create any lottery system for any lottery worldwide; if you would like a quote please email


Strategy 10: Understand Odds and Evens and Consecutive Numbers

Another way to increase your chances of winning is to understand odds and evens and consecutive numbers.

If you examine any 6-ball lottery the most drawn result will be 3-odd + 3-even numbers, followed by 4-odd + 2-even numbers or 2-odd + 4-even numbers. In Australia’s 6-45 lotto these 3 combinations cover around 80% of actual results.

Similarly, No Consecutive Numbers is the most drawn result, followed by only 2 Consecutive Numbers.  6 Consecutive Numbers is the sort of result you should NEVER play! No lottery in the world has ever drawn 6 Consecutive numbers, yet the most played 6 numbers are
1-2-3-4-5-6; Testimony to the mindless, uneducated playing of the masses!

As you can see, picking TYPES of Results is a Smart Play, whereas picking numbers is incredibly difficult.

Low and Highs plus Repeats From the Previous Draw are other options covered in our book, Winning Lotto Secrets, available from



Winning the lottery is incredibly difficult but with the right strategies and a bit of luck, you can increase your chances of winning. This Report just provides an Overview we have gained from studying the lottery.  In lottery results – “Anything Is Possible BUT some things are more PROBABLE than others.

So, what are you waiting for? Start applying these strategies and improve your chances of winning the lottery! Good luck!

See Also: for Australia’s Oz Lotto Game

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The Must Win Lotto Systems – The SMARTEST Way To Play Lotto – From a 3-Time Lottery Winner – With a Win of some Kind Guaranteed!

Are there SMARTER ways to play Lotto? Absolutely!

It still requires a massive amount of luck – which is one reason you need all the help you can get. But, think about it – if you wanted to play tennis, the guitar, or master ANY skill in the world – wouldn’t you take Lessons from someone who knows what they are talking about? Like someone who has won First Prize THREE times?

Must Win Lotto Systems

So, let’s see how we can improve your odds of winning ANY lottery worldwide with a Lotto Syndicate Club SuperEntry.

Play in a Group. The more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning. BUT – it goes way beyond that. Once you get a decent level of playing Capital, a highly organized entry becomes possible (see below).

STOP trying to PICK the numbers; START ORGANIZING ALL OF THE NUMBERS. For example, in Australia’s 45-ball, Pick-6, Lotto games (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday), 5 x System 9’s, covering all 45 numbers means you have all 8 winning numbers (6 main + 2 supplementary) spread over 5 sets of 9 numbers. If you play 3 x System 15’s, covering all 45 numbers, you have all 8 winning numbers spread over 3 sets of 15 numbers. But, as you will see below on the mathematics of System entries, 3 sets of 15 numbers may not be the best option.

An alternative to this is playing single games but mathematically organized to deliver a win of some kind. While this is highly complex, we can deliver the numbers for you, in return for a share in your Lotto Syndicate for me for organizing the numbers and a free lotto share for the Organizer in return for his or her time. We go into this in more detail later, but as an example:

In Australia’s Oz Lotto game, it takes 45,379,620 games to guarantee First Prize – that is how many different 7-number combinations there are in 45 numbers. However, our scientifically constructed mathematical models tell us that just 510 games will be needed to generate a minimum of 4 of the 7 winning numbers. So – you START knowing that before a ball is drawn you have 4 or more winning numbers together, guaranteeing a payout of some kind.

We play ONLY when First Prize is $20 Million or more. If 20 people jointly fund a larger entry, and it wins, everyone STILL gets $1 Million (provided there is only one winner).

We Observe the Natural Laws of Lotto.

1. A game that has 3 odd numbers + 3 even numbers is THIRTY times more likely to come out than a game that has 6 numbers all odd or 6 numbers all even – Over the last 1,000 Australian Saturday Lotto draws:

3-odd + 3-even – drawn 327 times (33%)
4-odd + 2-even – drawn 258 times (26%)
2-odd + 4-even – drawn 238 times (24%)

In total, 823 of the last 1,000 draws

5-odd + 1-even – drawn 93 times (9%)
1-odd + 5-even – drawn 64 times (6%)
6-odd + 0-even – drawn 9 times (>1%)
0-odd + 6-even – drawn 11 times (>1%)

2. A game that has NO Consecutive numbers was drawn 463 times

A game that has 2 Consecutive numbers was drawn 399 times

A game that has 3 Consecutive numbers was drawn 54 times

A game that has 4, 5 or 6 Consecutive numbers was NEVER drawn in the whole 1,000 games (Does not mean it will not be drawn, but I am betting against it)

There are other Consecutive patterns, but the only one of any note is 2 sets of 2 Consecutives – drawn 72 times in 1,000 draws.

There are TEN other number patterns we take into account when putting Number Sets together. So while others are trying to pick the numbers, we are taking advantage of statistically proven factors – like:

A game that has NO Consecutive numbers was drawn 463 times; a game that has 2 Consecutive numbers was drawn 399 times – between them, 862 games in total. It is not perfect, but correct 86% of the time works for me.

The other 10 number patterns include limits for individual balls. For example, the lowest ball was between 1 and 12 for 865 of the 1,000 draws.

Where do we get this incredible lotto intelligence from? Arguably the most sophisticated lotto analysis on the planet. It does have a bit of a learning curve, but it is a factor in my 3 First Prizes because it allows me to mimic what is most likely.

In the section below, we concentrate on examples for Australian Lotto Syndicates Online, but no matter where you are worldwide, or which lottery you play, we can create Must Win Lotto Systems for you. Simply email and tell us which lottery you play. Depending on the complexity of your lotto, it can take from 2 days to 10 days to create new lottery systems for your lottery.


It takes 8,145,060 games to GUARANTEE First Prize – But only 1,325 games to Guarantee a win of some kind (that’s 0.016% of the total games!)

We have new Australia Tattslotto Syndicates that Guarantee a MINIMUM of FOUR of the 8 numbers drawn. With 30 Shares at $40 each – This is the smartest way to play Lotto.

Every single one of the 45 balls is included at least 150 times. This means we have all 8 (6 main + 2 supplementary) of the winning numbers at least 150 times. Think about that for a moment. Your 1,325 games include at least 1,200 winning numbers – all mathematically arranged to deliver great results from well under 1% of the 8,145,060 games required to guarantee First Prize.

It does NOT guarantee First Prize, nor does it guarantee making a profit – But isn’t it a lot smarter than the way you play now? We call these “Guaranteed To Win Something” Private Lotto Syndicates, and they are based on SINGLE lotto games that are mathematically organised to deliver a win of some kind, eg, a MINIMUM of FOUR of the 8 numbers drawn.

The alternative is what we call “Guaranteed Winning Numbers” Private Lotto Syndicates. These consist of Multiple SYSTEM entries that “Observe the Natural Laws of Lotto.” This allows more flexibility and can adjust to the budget of your group. It could be 5 x System 9’s (420 games), with all 45 numbers covered; 12 x System 8’s (336 games); 4 x System 12’s (3,696 games), or any other combination that covers all 45 numbers.

BUT – See the section on System Entries before rushing into this.


It takes 45,379,620 games to GUARANTEE First Prize – But only 505 games to Guarantee a win of some kind. Our new Oz Lotto Syndicates Guarantee a MINIMUM of FOUR of the 7 numbers drawn. With 20 Shares at $36 each – This is the smartest way to play Oz Lotto.

The alternative is as with the Saturday Lotto – Multiple System Entries. With just 8 games in a System 8, then 6 sets of 8 numbers cover all 45 numbers in just 48 games – cheap enough for an individual entry. For our Private Lotto Syndicates, we recommend Multiple System 9’s at 36 games each, Multiple System 10’s at 120 games each, or Multiple System 11’s at 330 games each.

It takes 13,449,040 games to GUARANTEE First Prize – But only 800 games to Guarantee a win of some kind. We have a new Powerball Syndicate running that Guarantees a MINIMUM of THREE main numbers AND the Powerball. With 20 Shares at $51 each – This is the smartest way to play Powerball.


While we can help you with the Lotto Syndicate Set Up and provide Lotto Syndicate Tips, our role is mainly supplying a unique set of numbers that will deliver a payout of some kind, in return for a free share in the Syndicate using the numbers. These are lottery systems that work!

We work with Accredited Lotto Agents, with existing Private Lotto Syndicate Organisers, and individuals committed to getting a lotto syndicate / group entry started. These Organizers handle all administration and the money side of things; we do NOT get involved in the finances, so you are protected either by the fact that you are working with a registered Lotto Agent or the workplace/family syndicate organizer you have always worked with.

For Lotto Agents, you run a “LottoMasta Private Lotto Syndicate” on our behalf. You provide the Members and we supply a UNIQUE set of numbers (no one else gets the same numbers) that Guarantees at least FOUR of the winning numbers – no matter what numbers are drawn.

You CANNOT buy the secret, mathematically arranged, set of numbers; they are not for sale. We believe in what we do to the point that a free share in the lotto syndicate you organise, on an ongoing basis, is the only way you can work with us.

For clarity, we strongly recommend Groups of 20 people, where 18 are paying Members and a free Share is provided to me in return for calculating the numbers that provide a win of some kind every week and a free Share is provided to the Organizer in return for the day to day running of the group.

DIFFERENT LOTTO SYSTEM OPTIONS.  Most people have a lack of clarity when it comes to Lotto Systems. They think that a Lotto System 20 is the way to go – but consider this:

A System 20 requires 38,760 games – and gives NO guarantee of any winning numbers

SEVEN System 15’s require 35,035 games – and you can cover ALL of the numbers in a 45 ball lottery twice, ie, you have EVERY winning number twice in your overall entry; same for ANY 49 ball lottery.

FORTY TWO System 12’s require 38,808 games – and you can cover ALL of the numbers in a 45 ball lottery ELEVEN times, ie, you have EVERY winning number ELEVEN TIMES in your overall entry.  You can cover all of the numbers in a 49 ball lottery TEN times, ie, you have EVERY winning number TEN TIMES in your overall entry.

How is your System 20 looking now?

It gets worse.  A System 20 pays out on 3.7%* of the games you pay for.  A System 15 pays out on 11.9%* of the games you pay for.  A System 12 pays out on 28.3%* of the games you pay for.

  • Based on 4 of the 6 numbers for win; if your lottery pays out on 3 numbers the figures are higher.

FOR A FREE COPY of “SYSTEM ENTRIES – MYTHS AND MAGIC” email today.  Learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery.


We have paid lotto books that go into far more detail and are aimed at individual players. While we strongly recommend a Group Entry, if you insist on playing solo, here are a few books that may help.

Lotto Syndicate Club - Winning Lotto Book - Win Lotto 6 Weeks Out of 10

Lotto Syndicate Club - Winning Lotto Secrets Book Cover


















Full details on this site.

Tattslotto Syndicates for Oz Lotto

Please see for Full Details.

Lotto Syndicate Club - Done For You Lotto Numbers Service

Join One Of Our Revolutionary New Lotto Syndicate Clubs Today – And Get Full Details of Our “MUST WIN SOMETHING” Lotto Syndicates. START with FOUR OR MORE of the Winning Numbers GUARANTEED! Email or, in Australia, Message 0468 420 470, for “Must Win Something” Lotto Systems

Private Lotto Clubs

Private Lotto Clubs, or Private Lotto Syndicates as they are known in some parts – are without doubt the smartest way to play lotto.

I have won First Prize in the lottery THREE times – but each time with 19 others in Private Lotto Clubs that I had set up.

So – what is the secret to winning the lottery?  Group power and organisation.  With the members of the Private Lotto Club pooling their funds, options become available that are not available to the individual player.

Let’s say you spend the modest sum of $30 playing the lottery.  With 20 people combining their funds, suddenly you have $600 to spend – and some serious opportunities open up.

Oz Lotto Private Lotto SyndicatesWhile my services are available world-wide (examples follow), let’s start by taking Australia’s Oz Lotto as an example.  With $600 to spend, I can actually guarantee that you will win a prize of some kind in Oz Lotto.  Using highly advanced mathematics, I can create a 505 game Oz Lotto entry that absolutely guarantees FOUR or more of the 7 winning numbers.

While I can hear everyone chorusing “I want all 7 winning Oz Lotto numbers, not just 4” let’s stop for a moment and consider what your current entry guarantees – Usually NOTHING!

We START with 4 numbers – obtained by our scientific, mathematical model – leaving Lady Luck to come up with just THREE numbers, not all 7. Isn’t that a smarter way to play?

So let’s look at the massive USA lotteries.  We will skip Mega Millions for a moment, because following the draw on 27th October 2017, the game changes from 5 from 75 + 1 from 15 to 5 from 70 + 1 from 25.  We had the old draw covered and will post details of our new entry once the new Megamillions kicks in on 27 Oct 2017.

So let us look at the massive USA Powerball draw.  We can absolutely guarantee THREE of the 5 main balls in 1500 games, leaving lady luck to come up with just 2 main numbers.  However, the way we organize the numbers also guarantees we have the Powerball itself numerous times.

Again, if you are playing alone and without a structure, everything is 100% down to lady luck.  If you are playing in one of our Private Lotto Syndicates, the mathematical structure gets you 60% of the way to all 5 main numbers. Because the jackpots are so massive, we can afford more members – 50 people still makes this affordable and yet guarantees a size-able payout for everyone.

We can help you create Private Lotto Clubs ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD – Whether you are in any USA State, Canada, the UK, Australia – you name it and can help you set up your very own Private Lotto Syndicates.

So – what’s the catch?  Simply that you have to include a free Share for us, in exchange for the work we do in creating lotto numbers that GUARANTEE a win of some kind.  So if you have a 15-member Lotto Club at present, it becomes a 16-member Lotto Club with me getting the 16th Share.  If you do not win – I do not get paid.  As a member of your Private Lotto Club, I am 100% motivated to make your Group Entry successful.

Private Lotto Clubs - Proof of my success

By the way, if you think winning a massive amount is a guarantee of happiness, read “Winning The Lottery – The Nightmare!” in our FREE section on this winning lotto books website (you can download the Report for free); winning $10 million is better for you than winning $315 million!

Contact me now by EMAIL at to set up your Private Lotto Clubs – With world-wide enquiries, please understand I am probably in a different Time Zone, so use email initially please.

The Best Way To Play Lotto – Lotto Syndicates


The Best Way To Play Lotto without a doubt is Group Lotto entries – Lotto Syndicates as they are called in some parts of the world or Lotto Clubs as they are called in other parts; they should be played in a highly organised fashion using Lotto Systems.

In particular, they should relate to the lotto prize on offer. For example, I only play Lotto Syndicates when the first prize is $20 million or more, with lotto systems where the cost is spread over at least 20 members.  For a specific example, please see our Oz Lotto system here. This guarantees that if we win first prize, each member receives at least $1 million.

There are two kinds of lotto systems you should look at, both of which are highly effective.

The first is what we call the “Must Win Lotto Systems.” These guarantee a prize of some kind, although not necessarily first prize. The advantage is that you can guarantee the first four of the six winning numbers – so you are only trusting to Lady Luck for the last two numbers. With four of the six winning numbers absolutely guaranteed by a unique mathematical arrangement of ALL lotto numbers, you’re guaranteed a win of some kind.  This type of system has won a prize of some kind EVERY Saturday Superdraw since 1999, although our top prize is “only” Second Prize.

Lotto Syndicates

Winning Lotto Book – As Seen on TV

The second is what we call the “Guaranteed Winning Numbers Lotto Systems.” As an example, let’s take our 45 ball, pick-six, Australian lottery. By playing five System Nines, we can actually cover all 45 balls. This guarantees that we have the six main numbers and both supplementary numbers somewhere within our five System Nines. They may not line up, but at least they are all there to start with – and with eight winning numbers spread over five System Nines, there is a good chance of a win of some kind. Using full systems will normally guarantee multiple lotto wins, but usually of minor divisions. Depending on the size of the group, we would normally play several sets of 45 numbers, split into five sets of nine members. These Guaranteed Winning Numbers Lotto Systems have been responsible for all three of our First Prizes.

Both of the above are not really affordable for individual players. For this reason, we play in groups of at least 10 players, and up to 20 players.  For most people, a winner of $1 million makes a significant impact on their lives, and sharing the cost with 19 other people makes it affordable.  We can create systems for individual players, but we highly recommend that you play in a group entry.

Of course, you can create your own lotto systems. The question you need to ask is, do you have the level of expertise and experience that we do? When creating a lotto system, the advanced lotto intelligence that we have at our fingertips allows us to create Lotto Systems for you that incorporate the following features:

  1. Odds & Evens
  2. Highs & Lows
  3. Consecutives
  4. End Numbers
  5. Thirds / Quarters
  6. Width of Line
  7. Ball 1
  8. Ball 2
  9. Ball 3
  10. Ball 4
  11. Ball 5
  12. Ball 6

Our original lotto publication many years ago was entitled “1000 Weeks of Lotto” and analysed the Australian lottery in depth.  Since then, the experience we have gained working with lottery systems that incorporate this lotto analysis has enabled us to win First Prize in the lottery on three different occasions.

Here is the letter we received back in 2006, together with a copy of the winning entry:

Best Way To Play Lotto


This used 50 different System 8’s, covering all 45 lotto numbers at least 8 times;
it used 1,400 games in total, so too expensive for an individual, but with 20 Members
each paying for 70 games, affordable as a Group Entry.

Lotto Syndicates

Our other Lotto First Prizes, plus some minor wins:

winning lotto 3 times - proof

So the question is, would you us like to organise your lotto numbers for you – or will you continue using the same tired numbers that rarely win anything?

What does it cost?  Nothing if you do not win!  We work on a “Results Only” basis.  You forward to us 5% of all your winnings, i.e. a 1/20 share in your syndicate if there are 20 members, or a half share if there are 10 members; for anything else 5% of the winning payment. So whatever the size of your syndicate, you send us 5% of all winnings and share the remaining 95% amongst your members. In return, we give you a custom set of numbers, optimized to give you the best possible results.

You DO need to have an EXISTING Syndicate.  Tell us how many Members in your Lotto Syndicate / Lotto Club, which lottery you play, your budget per draw, and whether you prefer Must Win lotto Systems or Guaranteed Winning Numbers Lotto Systems.  We can create entries for ANY Lottery Worldwide; turnaround is 5-7 working days (ie, Mon-Fri).

Get on board now with a THREE Time Lottery Winner and learn The Best Way To Play Lotto!

To get started, simply e-mail  with details of your existing Syndicate and we’ll get back to you with a no obligation Proposal showing you The Best Way To Play Lotto.