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Lotto Affiliates

Lotto Affiliates

You can make 25% Commission on all of our Lotto Books once you sign up as an Affiliate (subject to Approval).  Commissions are paid monthly via Paypal.

If you are a Lotto Agent, we allow only ONE Lotto Agent per town to become an Affiliate to protect your commissions, BUT you must run at least one of our Lotto Syndicates to be eligible.  If your location has a lottery we do not list on this website, no problem – we will create a lottery syndicate according to your wishes after discussing various options with you.

Lotto Affiliates

In addition, we will create an ONLINE WEBPAGE for your Lotto business on this website.  This can be huge as most Lotto Agents do not have a website or webpage online. On your webpage (on this high ranking website) we will add both our Syndicate entries that you run PLUS your own lotto syndicates. We will send you a Word document for you to list details of your Lotto Syndicates and then create everything for you – WE do all the heavy lifting for you. Please ignore the “webpage” section on the MS Word form, we will sort that out for you. We will also setup your Login details including your password and email them to you.  Please note that you will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions the first time you login.

If you run a Private Lottery Group and run one of our Lottery Syndicate entries, you automatically qualify to sell our Lottery Books as Lotto Affiliates for a 25% Commission.

If you are neither of the above but run an online business that you think would be suitable for selling lottery books on a commission basis please email and we can discuss whether we can work together.

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