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Smart Lotto Strategy

Here is a  you should incorporate into your lotto strategies.

As you can see below, 2 winners took home over half a million dollars …

Smart Lotto Strategy - Prizes

Here is the Lotto Promotion that inspired this fantastic win …

which lottery game is the best to play - Smart Lotto Promotions - Cashcades

For 4 weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays, if there was no Division 1 Winner, a million dollars “Cashcaded” down to Division 2.  On the above draw, not only no Division 1 winner, but only 2 Division 2 Winners.

People often ask me . There is no straightforward answer, because it depends on where the various lotteries are at in any particular week. The above promotion went on for four weeks, two nights a week. In my opinion, Monday or Wednesday lottery was definitely the best to play for those eight draws.

While most people like to celebrate the end of the week by playing Saturday lotto, in many ways Monday and Wednesday lotteries are a better choice any week. First, Monday and Wednesday have a guaranteed $1 million for up to 4 winners. On Saturday, the total prize pool is divided amongst all winners.  Because far fewer people play Monday and Wednesday lotto, there are rarely more than four winners, so you’re guaranteed a $1 million first prize if you win. If you play on Saturday, it is possible to get more than $1 million, but equally possible that you may get less than $1 million. So, on balance I prefer Monday and Wednesday Lotto to Saturday lotto. However, even that varies when the Saturday Night Lotto is a Superdraw.

The important thing is to watch how the various games lineup for each of the lotteries on offer for any particular week.

It is important to remember that the Odds of Winning the Lottery, and the cost of playing, remain the same, regardless of what first prize may have jackpotted to.  So, check every week which of the lottery games available to you represents the best value for money;  check especially if there is a Special Lotto Promotion for that week.