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How Smart People Play The Lottery


There is a reason why Olympic athletes are Olympians, why Nobel winning scientists achieve things people thought were impossible, why concert musicians attain world class standards –

They do things that other people will NOT do.

They train harder, often for hours a day, several days a week; they ask questions that other people never even think of, they practise, practise some more, and then just for good measure practise even harder.

The same is true for playing Lotto.

What I am prepared to do to win Lotto is probably way ahead of what you are prepared to do. I work many hours a week refining what I already know.

This is why I have won the lottery three times and you probably have never had even one First Prize

So, if you are serious about winning Lotto, you only have two choices.

The first is to work as hard and as long as I do.

The second, much easier, way is to either learn from me or work with me.

So, let’s have a look at what I know, which falls into two categories.


The first is creating what I call “Must Win Something Lotto Systems.” So, what does that mean?

As an example, for our Australian Pick 6 – 45 ball lottery I have created a 160-game entry that guarantees three of the six winning numbers, no matter what numbers are drawn.

This gets us 50% of the way there and also guarantees a small win no matter what. This also allows us to “Play Lotto at a Discount” every week except the first week.

The starting point for this is examining the winning structure for the lottery in question; this can be done for any lottery worldwide.

For our Australian 6/45 lottery, three winning numbers guarantees a prize, no matter how small, and is halfway towards getting all six winning numbers.

I have also created a lottery system guaranteeing 4 winning numbers for any 6/45 lottery in 3,350 games.

Now you can also spend many hours creating your own lottery systems that will get you at least half of the winning numbers every time you play – or you can ask us to do it for you. And, as you will learn later, there is a way we will do this for you free of charge.

However, playing 3350 games, or even 160 games, is something we do not recommend for individual players. The second part of our strategy is …..

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