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The Lost Lotto Book by Robert Serotic


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For many years, the CLASSIC lottery book – “The Only Way To Win At Lotto” was considered the “Lost Lotto Book.”

But we have tracked down the world’s few remaining copies … about 50 copies left and then Robert Serotic’s “The Only Way To Win At Lotto” is extinct!  PLEASE NOTE:  This is a PRINTED book that will be airmailed to you; it is NOT an Ebook.

American Robert Serotic is recognised by many as the world’s leading authority on wheeling systems (the method used to significantly reduce the number of lotto games played, whilst still retaining a guarantee). His classic is regarded as one of the best lottery books ever written. If you are looking to learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery, this is the book for you – the complete lottery master guide.


Robert Serotic Lotto System for 10 Numbers

Guarantee One: First Prize is guaranteed IF ANY THREE PAIRS are correct.

Guarantee Two: If you have TWO PAIRS correct, then a winning number in any other pair guarantees FIVE winning numbers together.

Guarantee Three: If you have TWO PAIRS correct, then you are guaranteed FOUR winning numbers together.

Games: Only 10 games are required.

A full Lotto System 10 requires 210 games! This a classic example of how using Pairs (or Trios) can dramatically reduce the cost of playing, while still giving you great guarantees.

Please feel free to use the above lotto system, using your own numbers in place of 1 to 10, with our compliments. The system is adapted from page 204 of Robert Serotic’s book. Page 204 actually has a 12-number lotto system that guarantees First Prize if three pairs are correct – in only 20 games (as opposed to 924 games for a full system 12).

This is just one over 200 lottery winning systems in your book – plus Serotic’s view on how to play lotteries, tips, tactics and strategies – The complete how to win the lottery guide.

The 8-number system is also great – it uses 4 games (rather than the 28 games in a full System 8) and has a great double guarantee – First Prize if 3 of 4 pairs contain the 6 winning numbers plus 5 or more winning numbers together no matter where the 6 numbers fall in your chosen 8 numbers.

Robert Serotic’s lottery book is considered to be the most comprehensive lotto guide on the market. It includes a history of lotto, playing strategies, lottery number selection methods and 222 original wheeling systems and combinations. 282 Pages of Lottery Magic!

Play with Control, Not Guesswork – That’s the Serotic motto!  Serotic covers all the normal lotto systems: 5-from-5, 5-from-6, Systems with Bankers etc. But he goes much further than that. Systems for Pairs, Groups, Giants and Conditional Compound Systems are also included.

Lost Lotto Book

“Start Treating Winning Lotto like a Job – Then Maybe You Won’t Need a Job !”

The price of “The Only Way To Win At Lotto” is $39.95 plus $10 post and packing in Australia or  $30** post and packing outside Australia.  To order, please click one of the links below and you will be taken to Paypal to pay; your book will be mailed out within 48 hours, Mon to Fri.  Please note that while the books are now 30 years old, they are unused and as new but may have the odd minor blemish – but this is the only place you can get the book.  Price includes Post & Packing.

** Yes, I know – $30 for Air Freight outside Australia is ridiculous. But, that is what I get charged by Australia Post – I make no money on International Air Freight.  If this offends you, I suggest buying one of my E-Books instead, as they do not incur this ridiculous charge.  Within Australia, the post and packing is only $10, so not too bad.

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Robert Serotic’s lottery book – “The Only Way To Win At Lotto” is suitable for ALL 6-ball lottery games worldwide.

Lotto Systems Done For You

Would You Like your Lotto Systems Done For You?

Our exclusive Done For You Lotto Numbers Service is designed for major lotto players and Lottery Syndicates.  For the vast majority of individual lottery players, we recommend buying one of our lotto books and creating your own lotto systems.

Done For You Lotto Numbers Service

Lotto Systems Done For You - Winning lotto system proof
As you can see from the front page, we have had THREE LOTTO FIRST PRIZES plus some significant minor wins, including a $76,500 Second Prize.  Most of our success we put down to using a highly organized lotto system that is mathematically optimized to give us the best possible chance of a win. Indeed, some of the mathematically optimized lotto systems do carry a guarantee of a win of some kind (but not necessarily first prize).

Think about it.  If you are going to play anyway, why not use a Done For You Lotto Numbers Service that guarantees you get at least some of your money back – and any lotto system that guarantees 4 or more winning lotto numbers somewhere in your overall entry is two thirds of the way towards a first prize.

Obviously, we can only work with so many people.  Spots are limited –  Sometimes we have to close up shop to catch up even on those orders already received, re-opening once we are up to date.

As an example, 2 of our 3 Lotto First Prizes have been using 74 different system 8’s (2,072 games in all).  We use all of the research gleaned from our sophisticated statistical analysis of your lottery game to create your personalized Done For You Lotto Numbers.

If you want an insight into the lotto research we do, please visit our Youtube channel, at – Anything by Most Drawn Lotto Numbers is created by us.  Even if you are an individual lottery player, there is lots of free lotto stuff to learn from there (Some of this is getting a bit old now – but I will update some day!).

So, contact and let’s get started on your  lotto system!