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Best Winning Lotto Secrets

Winning Lotto 6 Weeks Out Of 10 …..

Winning Lotto 6 Weeks Out Of 10 …


Best Winning Lotto Secrets Revealed …

Everyone wants to Win Lotto – But almost everyone has the wrong Winning Lotto Strategy!  For most people, trusting 100% to Luck is the ONLY Lotto Strategy they have.  The definition of Insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result!

So, let’s take a different look at Winning Lotto Strategies. The 2 coupons below show that I spent $28.65 to play on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night – an average of less than $10 per night.  Playing well within your means is very important – hence these reasonably priced lotto systems).

Winning Lottery Tickets - Breakeven 1

Below is the result of just one week of playing these tickets: Won $28.65!  Freaky huh?  Check it out – the win was Lotto Draw 3414, same as the coupon on the right above.

Winning Lotto Ticket

Now this is “Winning Lotto.”  When people talk about winning the lottery, they really mean Winning First Prize in the Lottery.  My Strategy is different – It has two parts.

The first is the same lotto strategy that you use – Winning First Prize in the Lottery.  The second part is getting as many small wins as possible, for 2 reasons.  First, it helps to pay for my lotto ticket.  Second, if I regularly get 3-4 winning lotto numbers, I am halfway / two-thirds of the way to 6 winning numbers.

But, the above is a one-off – Does it work regularly? Check out the dates on the lotto coupons below, and you can see that I won 6 weeks out of 10!

I did NOT make a profit – But I got almost 40% of my stake back.  Put another way – I play lotto at a 40% discount!

Anyone can put up a system that worked once; putting up a lotto system that wins 6 out of 10 consecutive weeks is a whole different ball game!

What? You want proof?  OK.  Here is week 1:

Winning Lottery Ticket Week 1

At the end of week 1 – I was slightly ahead!

Here are my lotto tickets for week 2:

Winning Lotto Coupons Week 2

A 100% winning record (should have quit while I was ahead :-) )  It was never gonna last but wins on 2 consecutive weeks would be an event for most lotto players.  But it got even better – Below is week 3:

Tickets Week 4

And here is week 4. Notice that although we failed to win, the Saturday coupon has 16 winning numbers (spread over 15 games) – they just didn’t line up for a win (Monday and Wednesday also have 16 winning numbers spread over 15 games) :

lottery tickets week 4

The good times end – but small wins 3 weeks out of 4 is pretty good! Here is week 5:

Gold Lotto Ticket Week 5

Weeks 6 and 7 had no wins (no point in posting losing lotto tickets here) but week 8 (below) boosted our track record to winning lotto 5 weeks out of 8.  Now, that is: Won 5, Lost 3 – So there is obviously no magic bullet.  Some of the garbage on the internet promises you the earth (and fails miserably to deliver) – We do NOT make weird promises, we show you proof of what we actually achieved.  There is NO magic bullet and anyone who promises you Lotto First Prize for a $40 lotto book is a liar.  What we do promise in our lotto book is a smarter way to play.

TattsLotto Ticket

No wins in week 9, but in week 10 (below) we returned to our winning ways.  Now I am the first to admit they are all small wins – But would you be happy playing lotto at an almost 40% Discount?

And if you check out the front page of our lottery website you can see we HAVE won lotto first prize on 3 separate occasions (your lotto book shows you the actual cheques, along with a $76,500 Powerball win).


Our 3 big wins have been Lotto Syndicates, but if you prefer to play lotto alone the book below is for you.

Tickets Week 10

So, how did we achieve Winning Lotto 6 Weeks Out Of 10?  Bear in mind that we show you the ACTUAL numbers we played, with the dates played, and the winner’s ticket.  No vague references here, we are totally upfront with you.

In total, we spent an average of $27.85 a week, spread over 3 different lotteries, just under $9.30 a night.  We won an average of $11.09 a week – a 39.8% Discount on playing lotto.  And, of course, 3 Lotto First Prizes (Syndicate entries are not covered in this book, which is for individual lotto players).

The above is based on using 5 sets of 9 numbers in an abbreviated lottery system.

There is a SECOND 12-Number System in your book that enables use for most lotteries worldwide.  This also is based on Trios – This time any 2 from 4 trios.  This requires just 6 games and gives these Guarantees:

– If you have the 6 winning numbers in 2 Trios – Then you have FIRST Prize!


– If you have the 6 winning numbers anywhere among your 12 – Then 4 or more will be together.


This is a massive saving on the 924 games required for a full Lotto System 12, and a real boon to those on a tight budget.

So, for a 45-ball lottery – Use 5 sets of 9 numbers

For a 49-Ball Lottery – Use 4 sets of 12 numbers to play 48 of the 49 numbers

You can “mix and match” if you choose:

So, for a 42-ball, Pick-6 Lottery, you might use 2 sets of 9 numbers plus 2 sets of 12 numbers

For a 40-ball Lottery, you might use 3 sets of 9 numbers plus 1 set of 12 numbers (39 numbers) and leave  1 number out, OR Use 5 sets of 9 numbers and play 5 numbers twice, OR play 3 sets of 12 and leave 4 numbers out.

I’m sure you get the idea; no matter what 6-ball lottery you play, the book has something for you.

All the Lotto secrets are in the book below:

Winning Lotto Book - Win Lotto 6 Weeks Out of 10


Here are some of the things you will find in our lottery book –

 – A system for 9 numbers that delivers results in just 3 games IF you meet one simple condition.


– How to structure FIVE different System 9’s to cover all 45 numbers – in just 15 games (see lotto tickets above)


– This ensures you have ALL the winning lotto numbers somewhere in your entry – TWICE!  Bear in mind that Australian Lotto delivers EIGHT Winning Lotto Numbers (6 main plus 2 supps) – and they are spread over just FIVE sets of 9 numbers!


– How you can have 16 winning numbers, spread over 15 games, every time you play Australian 6-45 Lotto (Good for other games too, please see foot of page)


– The Statistical Info you simply must know if you are serious about playing “Smart Lotto.”


– How to use this winning lotto technique for ANY 6 ball lottery worldwide.


OK – REALITY TIME!  In the interests of being totally open and transparent, we have shown you the exact numbers we play.



Our Winning Lotto 6 Weeks Out Of 10 Book shows you how to create your OWN lotto numbers in under an hour – Do it!  In spite of my warning, some lazy players will just use my numbers.  For this reason, I do NOT play these numbers any more.  Why?  Because if 100 people who buy my winning lotto book use my numbers – Then First Prize gets shared among 100 players, and you win peanuts!  Please, do not do it.



Maybe, maybe not – It is called the Lottery for a reason.  You might do BETTER, you might do WORSE.  For Australian 6-45 Lotto there is no reason why you should not get similar results, especially over a longer period, say 50 weeks.

For other lotteries, it depends on the Prize Structure. Australian 6-45 Lotto delivers 8 winning numbers (6 main + 2 supplementary) and my system is designed to take advantage of that prize structure.  If your lottery pays out on 3 main numbers (Australian 6-45 Lotto does not) you may well do better than I did.  If your lottery prize structure needs 4 main numbers for a win, you may not do as well as I did.



If it draws 6 balls (with or without supplementary / bonus balls), Yes.

If it is a 5-ball or 7 ball lottery, sorry this will not work for you.

It does NOT work for Australian Powerball – We have separate system for 7-Ball lotteries


However, there is a second Lotto System in your book based on 12 numbers.

Using combinations of 9-numbers and/or 12 numbers, you can find something that works for you, even if you have to leave out a number or two or play some numbers twice.

And your book will show you the Secret Lotto Software we use!


So, you are probably wondering how much a Lotto System that won 6 weeks out of 10, enabling me to play lotto at a 40% discount, is going to set you back?


Win Lotto 6 Weeks Out of 10

The good news is because we have had 3 First Prizes, we want to help others at next to nothing.

Winning Lotto – How I Won A Prize 6 weeks out of 10 is just $27 USA!
How I Won Lotto 6 Weeks Out Of 10 - With Screenshots!


Your book will be delivered ELECTRONICALLY within minutes of purchasing; please be patient and you will be redirected to the download page after paying. It is NOT a physical book, online version only.

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