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Winning The Lottery – The Nightmare!


Is Winning The Lottery a Guarantee of Happiness?


Absolutely not!  In this 3-part Free Lotto Report we share:

The Tragedy of Winning The Lottery Destroying Families – an all too real scenario. Here are some examples of lottery winners who became lottery losers, sometimes in the worst possible way. Some examples (read the free PDF download for full details)

Jack Whitaker found himself $315 million richer when he won the American Powerball jackpot on Christmas Day 2002 (At that time, the largest ever lotto win by an individual). His wife Jewel is on record as saying that she wished she had destroyed the ticket, following a long line of lawsuits, broken relationships, mysterious deaths and brushes with the law. One of the sad things about Whitaker’s fall from grace …

Jeffrey Dampier won $20 million in the Illinois lottery in 1996 and was soon divorced. Dampier moved to Florida and remarried, but then had an affair with his sister-in-law, Victoria Jackson.  Unfortunately, the affair would prove lethal, with …

Winning the lottery was also a death sentence for Abraham Shakespeare, who won $30 million in 2006, receiving just $17 after taxes. He disappeared just three years after his big win and in 2010 his body was discovered beneath a concrete slab. A lady friend who …

Keith Gough won £9 million in the UK lottery and was dead within five years from a heart attack, reportedly brought on by stress and excess drinking. Gough was careful with his money and at the time of his death still had over £1 million in the bank. While in rehab for his drink problems, Gough met up with …

William Post or “Bud” as he was known, picked up 16 million in 1988 by winning the Pennsylvania lottery. In a little over a year, Post was $1 million in debt – how you can go from having $16 million in the bank to a million dollars in debt in a year almost defies belief. Unbelievably, his own brother hired a hitman …

Janite Lee followed William Post’s example. She won $18 million in 1993 and by 2001 was filing for bankruptcy. Being overly-generous was probably Lee’s biggest fault, apparently unable to knock back constant requests for donations …

Michael Carroll found himself almost £10 million better off when he won the UK lottery in 2002. In the six years to 2008 he notched up more than 30 court appearances, was jailed for drug offences, and got …

Alcohol and drugs feature prominently in the problems experienced by big lottery winners. Victoria Zell won Powerball, ending up $11 million richer. Under the influence of both drugs and alcohol she was …

William Hurt took just two years to go through the $3.1 million he won in 1989. The vast majority of his fortune disappeared on a divorce and a cocaine habit …

Callie Rogers was just not equipped to deal with the £2 million she won in the UK lottery – at the time, she was just 16 …

Evelyn Adams has won the lottery not once, but twice, making her a cool $5.4 million overall in 1985 and 1986. She lost the lot. Unlike most lottery winners, Adams was a compulsive gambler, donating most …

Billie Bob Harrell Jr’s story was all-around good guy who just couldn’t say no. A former Pentecostal minister, Billy Bob won $31 million in the Texas lottery. He splashed out big time on his family, buying them new homes and new cars. He made large donations to the church he worshipped at, and if individual members of his church needed help, he was always there. Unfortunately, his generosity just attracted more and more people asking for handouts. The intense pressure put upon him caused him to commit suicide only 20 months after his big win, apparently broke.

Winning lotto can be an absolute curse …

So, now that you have seen the pitfalls of Winning The Lottery – what SHOULD you do? 

Your PDF download contains some practical tips you can take to minimize the problems you have if you do win the lottery. However, because lotteries worldwide have different rules some of these may or may not apply to you. Please note that the ideas below are NOT intended as legal advice; they are provided merely to give you some advice on the legal advice you need to consider!

Some examples of the winning lotto curse …  (see PDF download for full details):

1  The first lottery tip is something you should do BEFORE you win. You can register as a lottery player in most countries worldwide these days. And you should. This takes away the stress of possibly losing the ticket or having someone steal it. If you are not registered, possession of the ticket is 9/10 of the law. In any event, sign the back of your winning lottery ticket; that makes it difficult for someone else to cash it.

2   Whether or not you can remain anonymous is something you need to check with your specific lottery (in the USA, only Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, South Carolina and Ohio allow winners to avoid state lottery publicity). Where you can sign up as a registered player, the option may be there to check a box that says “no publicity.” If there is such a box, tick it. Unfortunately, many lottery games give you no right to avoid publicity. Make no mistake, the Press will be looking for you, so stay under the radar as long as possible. Resist absolutely any requests for interviews. In some jurisdictions, for example New York, lottery winners names are public record, so there is nothing you can do about it.

It is always tempting to lap up the media attention and become a local celebrity; if you do so, you will almost certainly regret it later.

Unfortunately some lotteries make it a condition of playing that your name can be used for publicity purposes, in which case there is no way to avoid it.

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7   In some countries, particularly the USA, the money may be available as a lump sum or payable in annuities over a period of years. Consider carefully the two options and discuss with experts which one is the most appropriate one for you; get a second, and even third, opinion. Which is best will depend on your personal circumstances, including your current financial status – and remember after your win you will be in the top tax bracket, which needs to be planned for.

You should obviously get advice on whether to take the lump sum or annual annuities before you collect your win. If you take annuities, you will only pay tax on the amount you receive each year; if you take the lump sum you pay tax on the whole amount immediately.

In some countries, for example Australia, winnings are paid tax-free, and in full, immediately; make sure you understand what happens in your jurisdiction before you make any decisions.

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11   Don’t give up your job straight away. If you are a low-income worker this week, and driving around in a Maserati with a gold Rolex on each wrist next week, it’s obvious something dramatic has happened. Maintaining normality for a few months allows the question, “Who won that massive lottery” to remain unanswered a little longer. Avoid splashing out as long as you can.

There is another reason for not giving up your job that is rarely considered …

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14   Consider carefully the contributions you will make to charities. The obvious thing is to make one-off large payments. However, this may not be in the best interests of either yourself or the charity. It is also significantly affected by whether you yourself take a lump sum payment or an annual annuity.

If you’re donating money to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross, they can handle large one-off donations and have projects ready and waiting. If however, you are donating to your local dog pound, for example, a steady stream of annual income may be preferable for them rather than a one-off payment.

Another alternative is to donate $1 million to your local dog pound on the condition that they maintain the capital and can only spend the income that the capital generates. For local causes that are close to your heart, don’t make assumptions – talk to them about what is best for them.

If you are donating to a charity, consider asking them to sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect your privacy.


17   Avoid inadvertently harming your family and friends. This again is a tip that is often overlooked. If you buy your four children a million dollar house each, make sure that they can afford the upkeep. If one child is earning $30,000 a year and having to support a million-dollar home, something is going to go badly wrong. A better option, for example, might be buying them a $500,000 house and investing $500,000 in trust for them, where they can only access the income generated.


How can we help YOU?

If you are a Lotto Agent running regular syndicates, we can provide assistance in creating your lottery syndicate or Lotto club entries for you.

For large workplace or family Lottery Syndicates or Lotto Clubs, we also offer personalised services where we do the work for you.

And you simply will not believe the price we charge; e-mail  for further information.

For individuals, we make three suggestions.

The first is to join a lottery syndicate. Even a $1 million win, when split 20 ways, gives you $50,000, which makes a big difference to people who are struggling financially. It also avoids the heartache often associated with large wins.

Your lottery club or lotto syndicate can be any number of people. If you can only afford to spend $10 a week on lotto, joining with nine other people to spend $100 a week on the lottery is a much smarter decision than spending your grocery money trying to fund it all yourself. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: you cannot buy a lottery win. However, you can play smart and a combined entry, playing in an intelligent way is the way to go. You can join in with family, workmates, or talk to your Lotto agent about joining or creating a Lotto Syndicate.

The second is to invest in one of the books recommended in the Resources section, decide on a budget for your weekly lotto spending, and play the reduced guarantee systems that we recommend. These are mathematically arranged to give you a guaranteed result, whilst avoiding the substantial costs involved in full at a system. For example, a Lotto system eight requires 28 games and is thus expensive for most people. On the other hand, a lottery system that guarantees at least five winning numbers will be together from any six winning numbers requires only four games and falls within the budget of almost anyone.

If you are playing a 49 ball lottery for example, you can play six sets of eight numbers; in total, this requires only 24 games (eight sets x four games each). While the more affluent can afford the 24 games, sharing the cost with two or three family members is within the reach of everyone. This strategy allows you to play 48 of the 49 balls in any 49 ball lottery. Similar comments apply to playing a 45 ball lottery; with six sets of eight, you can play all 45 numbers once and three of them twice. If you’re playing a lottery with only 40 balls, you can play all 40 numbers with five sets of eight, using the reduced guarantee system that requires just four games.

It is this strategic approach, combined with lottery intelligence, that has allowed us to win the lottery three times; the more you know, the better you know!

There is a third alternative, which we create for you. The important thing is that you cannot win the lottery unless you first get all six winning numbers. This is incredibly easy, and it never fails to amaze me that people cannot even be bothered to fill out their own lottery coupon and ensure that all the winning numbers are there. At its simplest, this simply involves making sure you spread all the numbers in your lottery across your coupon. The more advanced technique is to arrange all the numbers mathematically to give a guaranteed result. Let me explain this further.

In my own 45 ball lottery, it takes 8,145,160 games to guarantee the first prize. However, since the first prize is usually around $1 million playing all the numbers does not guarantee a profit; in fact, it guarantees a multimillion dollar loss.

But to guarantee four or more winning numbers requires just 3,350 games. However, we still only play this when there is a Super Draw, spreading the cost between 20 people.

To guarantee three or more winning numbers (using science to get the first three, and leaving Lady Luck to come up with the other three) requires just 160 games. This is still a family or workplace syndicate entry.

To bring the cost within the reach of anyone, we offer systems where you can choose your favourite numbers but still have them mathematically arranged. For example, if you pick your favourite 20 numbers, we can guarantee that if they include all six winning numbers, then three or more will be together. This mathematical arrangement requires just 14 games and is within the budget of most people. We stress again to play within your budget, and to share your entry with others if you wish to play one of the largest systems.


Why not download the full Free Lotto Report and keep it handy for when you win the lottery?  Free Lotto Report