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Winning Oz Lotto is Easy …

Winning Oz Lotto is Easy – It’s Making a Profit That’s Difficult.

Oz Lotto Syndicates BookYou probably already know that it takes 45,379,620 games to guarantee first prize in Oz Lotto. Even if you did have $45 million to spend, you would not make a profit most weeks.


If first prize is $60 million, paying for all the winning combinations would not necessarily mean you would make $15 million profit; if there are two winners, then you actually make a $15 million loss.


So, in our search to find the best way to play Oz Lotto, we must look at things quite differently.  We start by looking at HOW MANY winning numbers can we GUARANTEE with various combinations.


Obviously, you can ensure you have all nine Lotto Winning Numbers (7 main +2 supplementary) if you simply mark all 45 numbers in seven games (four numbers marked twice) – but of course most people are too lazy to even mark their own coupons.


The next step is to ask, “How many games do we need to play to guarantee TWO or more winning numbers will be together?” The answer, surprisingly, is just 8 games. However, we take this a step further and increase it to 13 games.  Why?


Because 13 games of seven numbers equals 91 numbers in total. This allows us to make sure that we have all 45 numbers marked twice, ensuring that we have all nine winning numbers twice. With main and supplementary balls, this guarantees 18 winning numbers spread over 13 games. Isn’t this a much better way to play Oz Lotto than trusting everything to Lady luck?


Here is how those 13 games look, our free gift to you:

1 6 21 28 36 37 42

Oz Lotto Syndicates1 7 12 28 31 40 42

2 3 16 27 33 43 44

2 6 11 13 18 35 38

3 14 19 32 33 39 44

4 5 11 15 18 24 40

4 9 23 29 31 32 35

5 10 15 16 20 21 36

7 19 20 22 29 30 38

8 10 14 17 26 31 41

8 22 24 26 30 37 43

9 17 25 27 34 41 45

12 13 23 25 34 39 45

However, we strongly recommend that you transpose some of the numbers rather than use them exactly as they are about. To do this, change at least 8 to 10 of the numbers above, eg, where you find 6 and 8, swap the numbers; this gives you –

NSW Lotteries Winning Lotto Syndicate Letter. Let Us Help You With Winning Oz Lotto1 8 21 28 36 37 42

1 7 12 28 31 40 42

2 3 16 27 33 43 44

2 8 11 13 18 35 38

3 14 19 32 33 39 44

4 5 11 15 18 24 40

4 9 23 29 31 32 35

5 10 15 16 20 21 36

7 19 20 22 29 30 38

6 10 14 17 26 31 41

6 22 24 26 30 37 43

9 17 25 27 34 41 45

12 13 23 25 34 39 45


By swapping 8 to 10 numbers of the 45, you get a set of numbers that is unique to you. We recommend this approach for individual players, as 13 games is affordable for most.


The next step is to ask, “How many games do we need to play to guarantee three or more of the winning numbers together?”


The answer is 118 games. Because we play all 45 numbers at least 18 times, you are guaranteed at least 162 winning numbers, spread over 118 games, and arranged in such a way that three or more of the seven main numbers will be together.


Because the mathematics are getting increasingly complicated now, it is usually too difficult to create these 118 games yourself.


In addition, playing 118 games is really a group entry; we recommend 10 to 15 people, maybe a workplace syndicate or a family syndicate.


If you would like us to create these 118 games for you, please Paypal $25 to and we’ll make it happen for you.


The next step up of course is to ask “How many games do we need to play to guarantee FOUR OR MORE of the 7 main numbers together?” – A result that guarantees a win of some kind.


What if I told you that it takes only 505 games to guarantee a win of some kind?  That is just 0.000011% of the full 45,379,620 games required to guarantee first prize.


Even this does not necessarily guarantee a profit, but it does guarantee a win of some kind. In just 505 games!


What we are essentially doing is using highly advanced mathematics to get four of the seven winning numbers, and then relying on Lady luck for the remaining three numbers; this is obviously a lot smarter than relying on Lady luck for all seven numbers.


What is interesting is that the 505 games deliver all 9 winning numbers (including supps) at least 690 times. So our mathematical approach delivers at least 690 winning numbers (including supps) spread over 505 games.


And the cost of playing Oz Lotto is subsidised by regular small wins, while at the same time improving the odds of getting all seven main winning balls together.


However, 505 games are too expensive for our philosophy of ensuring that people play within their means.


So, strange as it may seem, you cannot actually buy this system – the only way to get involved is by creating one of our Private Oz Lotto Syndicates.  We help you to run syndicates with 15 to 20 members.


In addition, we only play when Oz Lotto jackpots to $20 million or more. This ensures that every syndicate member receives a minimum of $1 million.


If you read some of the stories in our free publication, the lottery nightmare, you can see that you may well be better off winning $1 million than winning $20 million. (For details, see )


So, let’s look at how our Private Oz Lotto Syndicates work.


How Our Private Lotto Syndicates Work


To qualify for this offer as an individual, you must be able to email me a list of 19 people who want to enter the 20-member Private Lotto Syndicates. The 20th Share is mine, in return for creating a 505 game Oz Lotto system for you that wins something every week.  Same for 15-member Private Lotto Syndicates – email me a list of 14 people and the 15th Share is mine, in return for creating your Oz Lotto system.


My involvement is limited to creating a 505 game system that will guarantee you have a win of some kind for your members.


The process of running the syndicate and marking the coupons is the responsibility of your syndicate and its members (we suggest all Members share marking the coupons).  Once the coupons have been put on for the first time, we suggest checking the actual tickets against the 505 games we provide to make sure there are no errors.


You can be a workplace syndicate, a family and friends syndicate, or even a Lotto Agent looking to improve your winning strike rate.


If you are a Lotto Agent, you can massively boost your income by becoming an Agent for our “Must Win” Private Lotto Syndicates.  You can give people free copies of this Report until you have enough applicants to fill a Syndicate and then apply to us to create your numbers.  Arrangements are as above.


The Free Winning Oz Lotto Book contains specimen Oz Lotto Syndicates Agreements (feel free to use these even if you do not work with us), proof of our THREE Million Dollar plus lottery wins and other Lotto Resources.


If you DO decide to work with us, we give you the opportunity to check that your 505 game Oz lottery entry WILL deliver 4 or more winning Oz Lotto Numbers BEFORE you play them.  Remember, if we have four winning Oz lotto numbers every week we are over halfway was getting all seven – absolutely the Best Way To Play Oz Lotto


And there is a FREE Gift for all members who sign up (sold for $17).


Winning Oz Lotto


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