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Powerball Australia Winners

Powerball Australia Jackpot – 1 Number Off $40 Mill!

Powerball Australia Jackpot …..

26 March 2020.  Powerball Australia Jackpots to $80 Million.  One Winner.

We were ONE Number off it!


Powerball Australia Jackpots - Result March 20

As you can see from the above, we were ONE Number away from sharing the $80 Million Powerball Australia Jackpot.

We would have received $40,000,000.  Even shared between 20 people, that is life changing for most people.

We KNEW before a ball was drawn that we had 3 Winning Powerball Numbers or more, PLUS the Powerball itself – We use advanced mathematics to guarantee that as a minimum.  Then we trust to Lady Luck for the remaining numbers.  Although we were so close, we still won $15,791.05. Not as good as $40 Mill, but we win something every week with this entry, it is simply structured this way.

In fact, to guarantee 3 main winning Powerball numbers plus the Powerball itself takes only 800 games. We upped this entry to 1,000 Powerball games for marketing purposes. If you are serious about winning Powerball Australia, download our FREE Lotto Books to learn more and then contact us.

So how do YOU benefit from our services?  Simply email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)

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In response to Requests from our Clients for a more affordable Powerball Australia Entry, we have now developed a 120 game Powerball entry that Guarantees a Minimum of 2 Main Numbers plus the Powerball – And hence a win every time we play.

At only $18 per Share and just TEN Members, not only is this highly affordable, the individual payouts are also great.  However, this is run as my Private Powerball Syndicate – I have 1 Share in every entry. To get in, please send an email to – with a Subject Line of “Request for 120 Game Powerball Details” and we will get back to you. At the time of writing this, we have played this entry for 27 weeks and won something every single week, no matter how small.


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