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Private Lotto Clubs

Private Lotto Clubs

Private Lotto Clubs, or Private Lotto Syndicates as they are known in some parts – are without doubt the smartest way to play lotto.

I have won First Prize in the lottery THREE times – but each time with 19 others in Private Lotto Clubs that I had set up.

So – what is the secret to winning the lottery?  Group power and organisation.  With the members of the Private Lotto Club pooling their funds, options become available that are not available to the individual player.

Let’s say you spend the modest sum of $30 playing the lottery.  With 20 people combining their funds, suddenly you have $600 to spend – and some serious opportunities open up.

Oz Lotto Private Lotto SyndicatesWhile my services are available world-wide (examples follow), let’s start by taking Australia’s Oz Lotto as an example.  With $600 to spend, I can actually guarantee that you will win a prize of some kind in Oz Lotto.  Using highly advanced mathematics, I can create a 505 game Oz Lotto entry that absolutely guarantees FOUR or more of the 7 winning numbers.

While I can hear everyone chorusing “I want all 7 winning Oz Lotto numbers, not just 4” let’s stop for a moment and consider what your current entry guarantees – Usually NOTHING!

We START with 4 numbers – obtained by our scientific, mathematical model – leaving Lady Luck to come up with just THREE numbers, not all 7. Isn’t that a smarter way to play?

So let’s look at the massive USA lotteries.  We will skip Mega Millions for a moment, because following the draw on 27th October 2017, the game changes from 5 from 75 + 1 from 15 to 5 from 70 + 1 from 25.  We had the old draw covered and will post details of our new entry once the new Megamillions kicks in on 27 Oct 2017.

So let us look at the massive USA Powerball draw.  We can absolutely guarantee THREE of the 5 main balls in 1500 games, leaving lady luck to come up with just 2 main numbers.  However, the way we organize the numbers also guarantees we have the Powerball itself numerous times.

Again, if you are playing alone and without a structure, everything is 100% down to lady luck.  If you are playing in one of our Private Lotto Syndicates, the mathematical structure gets you 60% of the way to all 5 main numbers. Because the jackpots are so massive, we can afford more members – 50 people still makes this affordable and yet guarantees a size-able payout for everyone.

We can help you create Private Lotto Clubs ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD – Whether you are in any USA State, Canada, the UK, Australia – you name it and can help you set up your very own Private Lotto Syndicates.

So – what’s the catch?  Simply that you have to include a free Share for us, in exchange for the work we do in creating lotto numbers that GUARANTEE a win of some kind.  So if you have a 15-member Lotto Club at present, it becomes a 16-member Lotto Club with me getting the 16th Share.  If you do not win – I do not get paid.  As a member of your Private Lotto Club, I am 100% motivated to make your Group Entry successful.

Private Lotto Clubs - Proof of my success

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Contact me now by EMAIL at to set up your Private Lotto Clubs – With world-wide enquiries, please understand I am probably in a different Time Zone, so use email initially please.